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SLOBODA AD falls into a category of large and powerful companies. The headquarters of SLOBODA AD are in the town called Čačak. Čačak is situated 140 km south-west from Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. Čačak is the industrial and trading center of the area. It is well connected to Belgrade, other big and important cities, and the airports in Belgrade and Niš. Čačak has a population of 100.000 people and it is a large industrial, cultural, educational and scientific center. It also has a rich historical inheritance.

SLOBODA AD is an ordnance factory founded in 1948. Long time experience in continuous investments in materials and the experienced of the Company stuff are a guarantee for a world by high level quality of products, design managment and system engineering according to the key-turn system.


Quality control is performed in the laboratories belonging to the Company itself. Actually, the Company possesses its own laboratories specialized in various kinds of measurements such as length, pressure and angle measuring and in these laboratories all mechanical and chemical properties of materials are tested.

Engineering department plays an important role in the Company. It is in charge of the technology transfer, as well as of the choice, supply and installment of equipment, all in accordance with the requirements of the customer.

The received certificate ISO 9001:2000 is the best indication of the high standards and quality of our products and services.

 S E R B I A
 Ul. Ratka Mitrovića bb, 32000 ČAČAK

 Exchange: +381 32 556 21 41
 General manager: +381 32 556 22 10
 Development department: +381 32 556 33 50
 Fax: +381 32 556 34 48
 Commerce: +381 32 556 33 88;  +381 32 556 33 69
 Fax: +381 32 552 63 90
 Export - Import: +381 32 556 29 48
 Fax: +381 32 552 63 90

 Representative Office - BELGRADE
 Terazije 27/I, 11000 BELGRADE
 +381 11 32 33 965; Fax: +381 11 32 33 488

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